Plastic Surgery for Men

man's torso with dashed lines on abdomen

Popular Plastic Surgery Options for Men

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | May 4, 2023 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags: , , , , ,

In 2020, there were 289,000 plastic surgery procedures performed on men, with liposuction, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, and blepharoplasty being the top choices. The following procedures were the most sought after surgical procedures by men to achieve […]

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Dr. J. J. Wendel holding up men's skincare product

Father’s Day Skincare and Treatments for Men


Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Dr. J. J. Wendel Father’s Day is just around the corner, and our team has rounded up the perfect gifts for Dad. Whether he’s new to self-care or has made […]

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‘Daddy-Do-Overs’: Men Increasingly Getting Plastic Surgery


According to a new report, more men are taking advantage of cosmetic procedures, with the majority being middle aged. Surgeons believe that the increase in interest is triggered by men noticing changes in their bodies […]

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ASAPS 2017 Statistics

Plastic Surgery Trends of 2017


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released their annual report on plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatment trends. The ASAPS works with an independent research firm to compile the national data for procedures […]

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What Every Man Should Know About Plastic Surgery

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | August 28, 2017 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags: ,

As more and more men are opting in to receive plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments, it’s important to keep in mind that procedures are tailored differently for men than women. Since every individual’s features differ, it’s […]

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Plastic Surgery for Men on The Rise

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | July 24, 2017 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags:

Since 2000, male cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically – by 28% – and it’s only the beginning. With plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments requiring less downtime, men of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds are flocking to cosmetic […]

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Demand for Plastic Surgery Growing with the Help of Millennial Men

By MFnick363636 | July 5, 2017 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags: , ,

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, thirty-one percent of men are extremely likely to consider a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Of them, fifty-eight percent were between the ages of 25-34, followed by […]

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Why Dad Might Be Interested In Plastic Surgery

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 21, 2017 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags: , ,

Moms aren’t the only ones seeking a Makeover to refresh their looks post-childbirth. Now more than ever, dads are signing up for cosmetic procedures to turn back the clock and turn up their self-confidence. According to the American Society […]

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Workplace Competition Leads More Men To Botox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | May 30, 2017 | Category: Plastic Surgery for Men | Tags: ,

Women aren’t the only ones trying to minimize the wrinkles and frown lines. Men are also fighting ageism, competing to stay relevant especially in the workplace. Determined to do something about the signs of aging on his face, David, […]

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