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Ear Surgery

Do your ears stick out farther than you would like? Are you self-conscious and try to cover your ears with hair or a hat? Dr. Wendel can easily reshape them with ear surgery. Ear pinning surgery is a straightforward outpatient procedure used to flatten the ears against the head. Other surgical procedures are available to adjust ear symmetry or size.

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Ear Pinning - Setback Otoplasty

Real Self Ear Surgery

Do your ears stick out farther than you would like? Are you self-conscious and try to cover your ears with long hair or a hat? Don’t feel bad. Prominent ears is a very common and easily corrected variation of normal anatomy.

Dr. Wendel performs ear surgery to pin your ears back. This is also called setback otoplasty, which most often involves one or both of the following:

  • Creating an antihelical fold, the inner curving ridge of the auricle of the ear
  • Reduction of the concha, the shell-like bowl structure of the auricle of the ear

Ear pinning surgery is usually a straightforward outpatient surgical procedure performed at an ambulatory surgery center or for children, at a children’s hospital.

Ear Anatomy

The external ear is also known as the Pinna and sometimes called the Auricle. For such a small structure, it has intricate, detailed anatomy and is an important landmark adorning the side of the face.
Petite ears are considered a feminine characteristic, while larger ears give a more masculine look. Most of the time, ears are not the first thing that you notice about someone’s appearance. However, when the anatomy of the ear is a little bit off, it can draw unnecessary attention to itself and distract from one’s natural beauty.
Dr. Wendel performs ear pinning surgery to restore the appearance of your ear back to a harmonious relationship with your face.

Ear Lobe Surgery

Dr. Wendel will perform ear pinning surgery sometimes in the office under local anesthesia or using anesthesia in a fully accredited surgical facility. Once complete, Dr. Wendel or a team member will go over recovery instructions with you in order to minimize any discomfort and ensure the best possible result.

Ear Lobe Reduction

Are your earlobes too large? Have they seemed to get bigger slowly over time? Earlobes are one of those parts of the body that gets bigger and tends to sag over time. Look at pictures of yourself when you were younger. Were your earlobes that big?
Fortunately, Dr. Wendel performs earlobe reduction surgery. This is a straightforward office cosmetic procedure that takes virtually no time at all. You may drive yourself to and from the procedure and will have a few small stitches that typically can be removed in about a week.
If earlobe reduction interferes with your ear piercing, Dr. Wendel would be happy to pierce your ears for you.

Ear Lobe Repair

Do you have a bifid or cleft earlobe? Is your earring hole too large? Common causes of damaged earlobes include:

  • A heavy earring that pulled through slowly over time
  • Getting your earring caught by a hairbrush or an article of clothing
  • A child pulling on an adult’s earring
  • Intentionally stretching an earlobe(s) with gages or other body piercing

Whatever the cause, Dr. Wendel can help. He performs earlobe repair for incomplete and complete clefts and surgically fixes dilated earlobes. Earlobe repair is a minor in-office procedure that restores your earlobe(s) to a natural look and shape. The cosmetic procedure takes little time and has minimal discomfort. You may drive yourself to and from the office and will have a few small sutures that dissolve or can be removed in about a week.

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