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Has your face lost volume and gained wrinkles with age? A liquid facelift involves the injection of sometimes large amounts of filler in the face to restore your face to its youthful appearance without surgery. A nonsurgical facelift can be an attractive procedure because there are no surgical scars and virtually no downtime.

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liquid facelift is not a true facelift because it is not a surgical procedure. A nonsurgical facelift may cost several thousand dollars. The results are temporary with repeat injections necessary in the future to maintain the results.

On the other hand, liquid facelift can be an attractive procedure because there are no surgical scars and virtually no down time. No time off work is needed. It is an office-based procedure and is an excellent alternative for those who are scared to undergo the knife or who medically aren’t a candidate for surgery.

Common fillers for the liquid facelift include Juvéderm®, Restylane® and Voluma®. Many other types and brands of filler are available, most of them being comprised of some kind of hyaluronic acid product.

Use of thicker, more viscous hyaluronic acid-based fillers are reserved for the deeper parts of the face, sometimes near the bone. These products not only volumize but also have a lifting effect. The thinner and more pliable filler products are used more superficially for the lips, around the mouth and just under the skin in various areas of the face. The results can typically last from 3 months to 2 years depending on which products are used.

Permanent fillers may be used for the liquid facelift, but we don’t necessarily recommend this. Great caution must be taken when using permanent fillers in the face. If the filler is accidentally placed in the wrong location or too much permanent filler is injected, then an undesired result can be devastatingly permanent. Surgical removal might be required to remove unwanted permanent filler.

It is important to note that the injection of filler to the face does not do anything for the neck. Many individuals who want the results of a facelift also want improvement in the neck. We offer Morpheus8 RF Microneedling as a skin tightening procedure for the neck, used in conjunction with injectable fillers to the face. This approach helps both the face and the neck. We also use Kybella®, the first and only FDA-approved dermal filler that melts chin fat forever.


The liquid facelift is a cosmetic medical procedure performed in the office either with topical or  minimal anesthesia needed. Many of the injectable fillers have lidocaine, a local anesthetic, already in them which avoids the need for two injections–one to numb and then another to add the filler. Our Advanced Nurse Practitioners Lori Lankford and Paige Hastings perform these filler injections in Nashville.

After the procedure, a team member will go over recovery instructions with you. Aftercare instructions are nearly identical to our Injectable Filler recovery instructions. It is important not to massage the area too much, or you may unduly shift the filler causing it to migrate.


  • Liquid Pearl – $100 Savings
  • Liquid Sapphire – $350 Savings
  • Liquid Emerald – $475 Savings
  • Liquid Ruby – $800 Savings
  • Liquid Diamond – $1,000 Savings

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