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Are you fed up with looking old and tired? Does your face not express your inner spirit and energy? A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that visibly improves the signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, sagging and loose skin, and the formation of jowls under the chin and jawline. Dr. Wendel offers several different kinds of facelift surgery to keep you looking younger, refreshed and rejuvenated. Depending on your needs, his technique ranges from minimally invasive to surgically sophisticated.

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Full Facelift

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Do you want your entire face to look younger? Are you dissatisfied with the wrinkles and loose skin sagging from the cheeks and side of the face to the lower face and jaw line? A full facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, could be right for you. If you have deep creases below your eyelids and along your nose and mouth, or if you have lost muscle tone in the face and look older than you feel, consider the full facelift.

Mini Lift

If you have ever looked in the mirror and wondered how you could look a little younger, you might be a candidate for the mini lift. The mini facelift is typically for a patient who doesn’t want a drastic change in their appearance. For example, they may just want to take a little off the jowls. In this case, a mini facelift might be the right choice. There are two primary types of mini face lift: one focuses above the jawline in front of the ear, and the other focuses below the jawline in the neck area. This is similar to a neck lift.

Cheek Lift & Cheek Augmentation

One of the earliest signs of getting older is seen in the cheek area, where you can see the skin area drooping. The fat in the area between the eyes and jaw is now sagging a bit. These changes make you look older or tired. A midface lift can help restore the cheek height, and shorten the lower lid area making your cheeks look younger and fuller.

Do you want fuller, younger cheeks without surgery? Juvéderm Voluma XC works well and lasts for up to two years. Sculptra is another filler that can be injected for cheek augmentation.

Lower Face Lift • Neck Lift

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As we tend to age, parts of our body tend to sag. The most obvious part is the face, because it is so important to our self image. This is the first place we notice a saggy neck or jowls in the jaw line. If you are looking to improve the hanging skin under your neck area and any prominent jowls, a neck lift could help.

Facelift Surgery

Dr. Wendel will perform the procedure using anesthesia in a fully accredited surgical facility. He will make an incision in front of and behind the ear. Following the incision, he will lift the deep layers of the face, including the fat and muscles. Next, he repositions those areas in an upward motion, elevating the areas. Next, he sutures the incision and you can instantly begin to see the effects of gravity disappear. Once he is finished performing the surgery, Dr. Wendel will go over facelift recovery instructions in order to minimize any discomfort.

Popular surgical procedures that supplement a facelift include chin liposuction, eyelid lift, forehead lift, fat grafting, lip augmentation and others. Visit our FACE Procedures page to learn more.

Dr. Wendel may also recommend a consultation with one of our nurse practitioners to assess the condition of your skin using the VISIA Skin Analysis SystemLori Lankford, NP, Paige Hastings, NP, and Jill Robbins, CLO/A can help you protect and enhance your investment through non-surgical treatments and consistent use of physician-grade skincare products to correct the tone and texture of skin.


Dr. Wendel also offers Deep Plane Facelift, MACS Facelift and SMAS Facelift, as well as Facelift Revision. If surgery is too much for you, you may want to consider a Liquid Facelift as an alternative. We also offer Botox® Cosmetic, Injectable Fillers and many Laser Procedures. Visit our Medical Aesthetics and Laser Treatments page to learn more.

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