Cropped head side view portrait of unrecognized female client receiving cosmetic procedure into the chin in beauty salon

Revitalize Your Look: Dr. Wendel’s New Patient Special

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 4, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

Are you ready to refresh your appearance and embrace a more youthful, vibrant look? Dr. Wendel’s clinic is excited to offer new patients an exclusive $100 discount on their first Botox or filler treatment. Whether […]

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Black woman laying down with her eyes closed while receiving facial injections

Get Ready to Experience a Sweat Free Summer with Botox Injections

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | May 29, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

As the temperature rises and summer beckons, the anticipation of sunny days and outdoor escapades fill the air. However, for the millions grappling with hyperhidrosis, summer signals a season of distress rather than delight. Not […]

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Multiethnic group of 6 women of all ages smiling and holding flowers in front of a tan backdrop.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Special Deals with Dr. Wendel

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | May 7, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to honor the incredible women in our lives with gifts that truly reflect our appreciation. This year, Dr. J.J. Wendel Plastic Surgery is proud to announce exclusive deals tailored […]

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man with grey hair has eyes shut while receiving Botox treatment in forehead

Beyond Taboo: The Rise of Botox in Men’s Aesthetic

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | April 30, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: ,

In recent years, the concept of Botox has transcended its traditional association with women and entered a new realm: men’s aesthetics. Once considered taboo, the idea of men seeking Botox injections to enhance their appearance […]

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Megan Fox Unveils Plastic Surgery Journey: Setting the Record Straight

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | April 3, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

Megan Fox, the renowned actress known for her roles in films like Transformers, has been a subject of ongoing speculation regarding her cosmetic procedures. However, in a recent interview, Fox decided to set the record […]

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Older woman with beautiful skin and long grey hair caressing her face with her eyes closed

This is 50: Setting the Stage for a Healthy Next Phase

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | February 19, 2024 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

Approaching your 50s is a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way to embrace this chapter than by nurturing your skin and well-being? Aging is a beautiful journey, and with a few mindful tweaks to […]

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Portrait of young Caucasian woman getting botox cosmetic injection in forehead.

Does Botox Count as a Plastic Surgery Procedure?

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | December 5, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

Botox, often referred to as a fountain of youth in the cosmetic industry, raises the question: Is it considered plastic surgery? The short answer is no. Botox falls under the category of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, […]

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Brunette woman in brown sweater smiling while holding orange leaves against her head

Get Holiday-Ready with Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | November 3, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

As the festive season approaches, many of us are gearing up for gatherings with friends and family, parties, and countless photo opportunities. It’s the perfect time to look and feel your best, and what better […]

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woman closes eyes while gloved hands inject syringe into her cheek

Discover the Power of Botox: Uncovering the Advantages of Botox Day

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

As Botox Day approaches, we invite you to embark on a journey to discover the magic behind Botox and learn about our exclusive deal that will leave you glowing with confidence. What is Botox? Botox, […]

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Close up portrait of beautiful older woman standing by wall

The Rise of Nonsurgical Treatments for Graceful Aging

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | August 2, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

As we age, many of us seek ways to gracefully maintain our natural beauty. The emergence of fine lines and a less vibrant complexion can impact self-confidence, leaving us dissatisfied with our appearance. While plastic […]

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woman sitting poolside applying sunscreen

Sunscreen Savvy: Mastering the Art of Sun Protection

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | July 5, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

When it comes to skincare, one product that should never be overlooked is sunscreen. It is the ultimate shield against harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging, sunburns, and even skin cancer. Let’s delve […]

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close up of lips

Pout Perfection: Enhancing Your Lips with a Non-Surgical Procedure

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | July 3, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

Lip flip cosmetic procedures have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, and the driving force behind this trend can be attributed to the influence of social media. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and […]

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side profile of woman touching her neck against a blue background

Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s Had Neck Botox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 6, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags:

In a recent snippet from an upcoming episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian mentions that she has received Botox treatments in her neck. Though quiet about many of her treatments, the star’s slip has caught […]

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black woman with curly hair smiling with her eyes closed and her hand placed on her shoulder

The 4 Most Common Concerns About Botox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 1, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags:

In the world of aesthetic enhancements, Botox is the gold-standard for erasing wrinkles and fine lines. Despite this neurotoxin’s exceptional reputation among anti-aging treatments, many people still have legitimate concerns about receiving injections. Perhaps rightfully […]

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mother and father with their two kids on their backs while on the beach

Get Beach Ready With Botox


As the sun starts to shine brighter and the beach season approaches, many are eager to get their bodies beach-ready! Whether you’re looking for subtle, non-invasive tweaks like Botox or you’re considering plastic surgery to […]

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blond woman smiling with head resting on hand

Millennials Fight Back Against Aging

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | May 23, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , , ,

In the world of plastic surgery, millennials are making their mark with a distinctive approach. Unlike previous generations, they are trading in exaggerated curves and dramatic transformations for a more natural look. This shift is […]

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ethnic woman in bikini smiling while on the beach

Achieve That Summer Body You’ve Always Wanted

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | April 11, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , ,

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to achieve your dream appearance, whether it’s for that beach trip you’ve been planning or that special event you’ve been looking forward to. There are […]

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brunette woman holds jaw in her hands in pain

How Botox Can Relieve Jaw Pain

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | March 28, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

With stress being on the rise in recent years, many have unknowingly taken it out on their jaws. Bruxism, or teeth grinding and clenching, is a common condition that affects 97% of people experiencing intense […]

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woman of color receives botox injection

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | March 7, 2023 | Category: Botox | Tags:

The most recent Inaugural ASPS Insights and Trends Report found that Botox treatment continues its 12-year reign as the most sought after minimally invasive procedure by patients. If you want to erase fine lines and […]

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Polished & Shimmering: The Liquid Facelift


Have you woken up recently and realized that you have wrinkles and signs of aging you would like to address, but you’re not quite ready to go under the knife? The want to change without […]

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lori lankford with cardboard botox bottle sign for national botox day 2021

Glowing with Gratitude


November rolled around quickly, but we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming holiday season here at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery! This month is all about gratitude, and in 2021 we have so […]

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woman receiving botox in nashville

Improve Yourself with Top-Notch Skin Care

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | September 7, 2021 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , , , , ,

September is Self-Improvement Month and this year at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery, we are focusing on the importance of skincare as self-care for a healthier, happier you. Invest in yourself by sticking to […]

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brunette woman wearing beige face mask outside

Masks Are Making Us Eye-Obsessed – & Cosmetic Surgeries Are On The Rise

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | August 25, 2020 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , ,

As we continue to wear masks in public, people are becoming more focused on their visible features, especially the eyes. Eye procedures, such as Botox injections and brow lifts, are trending in the world of […]

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5 women sitting down with bare legs and feet

Botox is Now Being Used for Body Contouring


Noninvasive body contouring treatments are incredibly popular these days. But the latest way of sculpting your body without going under the knife? Botox. Along with being an effective way to smooth out wrinkles on the […]

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women in dresses holding drinks

Love My Gals


Galentine’s Day might be behind us, but the bonds between women are forever. When you’re with your girlfriends, you may find yourselves complaining about new lines and wrinkles, or the fact that nursing babies caused […]

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allergen news

AbbVie Creates Allergan Aesthetics and Names New Leadership Team


Research-based biopharmaceutical company AbbVie has announced the creation of a new global business, Allergan Aesthetics. Operating under the AbbVie umbrella, Allergan Aesthetics will include leading aesthetic products like BOTOX Cosmetic, the JUVEDERM collection of dermal […]

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Bride and groom

Say “I Do” to the New, Natural You


It’s wedding season, a time when people come together for blissful celebrations of matrimony. Are you preparing to tie the knot with your significant other? Want to look as radiant on the outside as you […]

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brunette woman in black hate with white sweater blowing snow at camera

Love Your Skin


February has arrived and Valentine’s Day is almost here. The celebration of love falls in the middle of winter; while your life may be full of romance, your skin may be in need of some […]

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sign reading plastic surgery against blue sky

The Top Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019


With the increase in social media use and celebrity cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery has become more mainstream. More people than ever are undergoing cosmetic procedures as a way of boosting their self-confidence and achieving their […]

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allergan needle pink tinted

Allergan Acquires Bonti Inc, Maker of Fast-Acting Injectable


Allergan, the global pharmaceutical company behind Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm fillers and Kybella,  announced that it is acquiring Bonti Inc. Bonti Inc has been developing a new neuromodulator called EB-001 to be used for both cosmetic […]

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botox needle against pink background

Sad About Wrinkles? Botox Can Help With Depression

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | September 18, 2018 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , , ,

In a study that examined the connection between Botox and depression, scientists discovered that many patients reported better moods and fewer depressive symptoms after receiving the popular neuromodulator. The reason why Botox improves your mood […]

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blonde woman in sunglasses wearing rings looking to side

Routines: How to Make Self-Improvement a Habit


Here we are, turning the corner from summer to fall! September is Self-Improvement Month, and one of my goals for the next 30 days is to make time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Work and family […]

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CO2Lift Black Body Mask Dr. JJ Wendel

Maintaining Beautiful Skin with Skin Care Basics


With an overwhelming amount of skin care products available, many adults don’t know where to begin when starting a basic skin care routine. However, having great skin doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating our […]

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Using Fillers to Simulate Instagram Filters


After downloading Instagram for the first time, author Brennan Kilbane realized the power and popularity of beautifying oneself through filters and apps like Facetune. He reached out to a cosmetic dermatologist in New York City […]

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What’s the Difference Between Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin?


The leading wrinkle treatment, Botox, has been joined by other injectable botulinum toxins, Dysport and Xeomin. One Charlotte’s Book reader wanted to know the real reason to ask for Botox by brand name or if […]

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ASAPS 2017 Statistics

Plastic Surgery Trends of 2017


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has released their annual report on plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatment trends. The ASAPS works with an independent research firm to compile the national data for procedures […]

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Dr. J. J. Wendel Earns Respected RealSelf 100 Award For Ongoing Commitment to Consumer Education and High Patient Ratings


RealSelf Names Nashville Plastic Surgeon Among Leading Doctors of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine Nashville, TN – April 25, 2018 – J. Jason Wendel, M.D. has been announced as one of 100 board-certified doctors worldwide to […]

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Could Botox Help Erase Scars?

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | April 19, 2018 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

Botox is already the utility player for cosmetic procedures, including minimizing wrinkles, easing migraines, lessening underarm sweat, treating overactive bladders, and more. Now, medical experts are using Botox to treat or reduce scars from facial […]

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An Alternative to Botox?

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | February 23, 2018 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , ,

Botox, as we all know, is used to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, and much more. However, a new alternative could hit plastic surgeons’ offices across the world and may last longer than Botox […]

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Plastic Surgery Nashville

This App Will Bring Plastic Surgery To Your TV

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | December 5, 2017 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , ,

Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have dramatically changed the way we watch television. Now, The Plastic Surgery Network has created an Apple TV app, bringing to screens what it calls “the first and only proficient, content-driven arena for […]

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Aesthetic procedures

Why The Holiday Season Is The Perfect Time for Aesthetic Procedures

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | November 28, 2017 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , , , ,

The holiday season is the perfect time for aesthetic treatments such as fillers, Botox and Dysport, laser treatments and much more. Why? Many patients come to plastic surgery offices to feel primed for holiday parties and photos. Some of the most popular […]

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Body Painting Teaches Plastic Surgeons the Art of Injection

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | August 15, 2017 | Category: Botox | Tags: ,

Did you know? Body painting is a new tool that can help plastic surgeons better understand how underlying muscles contribute to facial lines and wrinkles. According to Ricardo Frota Boggio, MD PhD, this innovative method has the potential […]

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man touching his face while looking in mirror

All About Brotox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 1, 2017 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

Botox is not just for the ladies. In fact, according to the ASAPS, Botulinum Toxin was the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic treatment for women and men in 2016. In fact, since the year 2000, the number of men […]

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Everyone Wins When You Do Your Christmas Shopping at the Allē Mall

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | December 1, 2016 | Category: Botox | Tags: , , ,

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to tackle your Christmas list. If you’re anything like me, you may find the task both invigorating and exhausting. Even when you do it online, shopping […]

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Father’s Day Tip: If Your Dad Rocks, Get Him Brotox

By Dr. J.J. Wendel | June 1, 2016 | Category: Botox | Tags: , ,

My dad has always been my rock, so I want to make sure that he knows how special he is. After I took my mom to Dr. J. J. Wendel’s clinic for Mother’s Day, I […]

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