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Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery offers non-surgical scar treatment to reduce the appearance of scars in a non-invasive way. Possible treatments may include fractional laser treatment, microneedling, micro laser peels or steroid injections. Scar gel helps to manage freshly healed scars. Treating acne scars may be particularly challenging. Microneedling, Morpheus8, Halo laser, fractional laser, and injectable fillers are often used or combined. These treatments stimulate collagen remodeling to improve appearance. “Ice pick” scars are best managed through direct excision and closure. If scar removal is desired, it is performed in the office under local anesthesia.


Is a prominent scar making you feel self-conscious? Scars can be embarrassing, but there are ways to diminish their appearance and restore your self-confidence. A scar forms when a portion of your skin is cut, burned or otherwise injured. In reaction to the injury, cells called fibroblasts produce a tough, fiber-like protein called collagen to fill in and close your wound. Unfortunately, the result is a haphazard repair that is effective but unsightly. At Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of effective treatments to diminish or remove scars.


A large scar can sometimes be removed by direct excision, which involves making an incision with a scalpel and manually removing the affected tissue. This technique is appropriate if the scarring left by the surgery will be smaller than the original scar. After excision, additional treatments may be used to lessen the appearance of new scar formation.


An acne scar often requires a combination of different scar treatments to get the best results. Direct excision is often the best way to remove a prominent ice pick scar. Dermabrasion is particularly effective for acne-related scarring. The treatment involves using a diamond wheel or wire brush to remove outer layers of skin; the resulting injured skin is replaced when new, smoother skin grows in its place.


Dermabrasion is commonly performed on the face and helps to intensively treat and improve the appearance of scars, pigmentation and wrinkles.


Another surgical treatment is scar revision surgery; this method minimizes the appearance of a scar to make it appear more like the surrounding healthy skin. In some severe cases, skin grafts may be required. Non-surgical treatment options include steroid injections, dermal fillers for pitted scars, laser resurfacingmicroneedling, Morpheus8, dermabrasion and chemical peels. After treatment, products such as scar gel or silicone sheeting can protect the vulnerable skin and reduce additional scarring.

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