What to Look For in Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

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Rhinoplasties are notoriously complex procedures. It takes an incredible amount of experience and skill to master the art, science, and technique that rhinoplasties require. If you’re considering nose surgery, it is absolutely vital to choose a knowledgeable and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon with a photo gallery that showcases outstanding results. Here are six specific things to keep in mind when assessing before and after photos of rhinoplasties.

1. Variety

The most important factor to look for when browsing rhinoplasty before and after photos is variety. An experienced plastic surgeon has operated on people of various ethnicities with different nose shapes and sizes — their before and after gallery ought to reflect this. An accomplished plastic surgeon should also have images highlighting different types of procedures such as nasal bump correction, length reduction, or reduction of nasal tip projection.

2. Photos From Multiple Angles

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it’s easier to hide imperfections in profile photos than angled or front-facing photos. Before choosing a surgeon to perform your nose surgery, look for front-facing photos, profile photos, and photos taken at a three-quarter view. This makes it easier to spot asymmetry or irregularities.

3. Time Stamps

Reliable before and after photos will have time stamps to indicate how soon after surgery the final images were taken. This is especially critical for rhinoplasties, as post-op swelling can easily mask amateur work. If you are considering nose surgery, look for photos that showcase results approximately one year after surgery. Not only does it indicate transparency, it also provides an accurate idea of the long-term results you can expect.

4. Overly Narrow

A nose bridge or tip that is overly narrow can easily appear overdone and unnatural. Beyond aesthetic concerns, a nose bridge or tip that is overly narrow can potentially result in collapse of the nose or breathing problems. How narrow is too narrow? This will vary person to person based on facial features. Typically, your eye can easily detect a nose that is abnormally thin. The key indicator is a final result that disrupts facial harmony and creates an imbalance of features.

5. Proportions

The best rhinoplasty results should be nearly undetectable. A skilled, board-certified surgeon will be able to construct a nose that complements other facial features, fits face size and shape, and enhances the overall appearance of each patient. Look for before and after images that look natural, and bring balance and harmony to the face.

6. Upturned Nose

While an upturned nose tip may work well with some individual’s facial features, they do not for most. “The ideal angle between the upper lip and the base of the tip . . . is typically said to be 90 degrees for men and between 95 and 105 degrees for women,” reports RealSelf. Patients considering a rhinoplasty should pay close attention to profile photos, as these images make it easy to identify noses that are too upturned.

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