The Ultimate Skincare Hack is Layering Your Laser Treatments

September 7, 2021 Tags:

woman recieving laser treatment on face

Laser treatments are popular for various skin goals, including boosting collagen production, smoothing fine lines, treating hyperpigmentation, and skin tightening. The long-lasting effects of receiving laser treatments far outweigh the short post-treatment stress period that presents red, flaky, and rough skin. However, a simple way to minimize downtime and any potential disruption to your schedule is to layer multiple laser treatments into a single session. Not only does this reduce the duration of time you have to deal with red skin, but it also helps you reap better results overall from each of the treatments, enhancing their effect. Layerable treatments, now a popular trend, also known as “Stackable Treatments,” can target the three major components of aging: skin wrinkling, loss of volume, and sagging.

As long as one treatment isn’t detrimental to the other, and a combination wouldn’t be too aggressive on the skin, there is added benefit to results from the synergy of using different technologies at one time. While not every treatment can be combined, the right combination of treatments can come together to treat an array of specific skin goals.

Not sure which treatments to choose? The team at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery is happy to help you decide which combination of treatments may be right for you, depending on your skin tone, type, diagnosis, and desired outcomes! Schedule your consultation with our team of aesthetics experts today to get started.

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