The Botox Lip Flip Explained

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In the world of cosmetic treatments, lip fillers have always been one of the more popular procedures. However, thanks to recent TikTok trends, an alternative to dermal lip fillers – the Botox “Lip Flip” – has captured the attention of new audiences. While the Botox Lip Flip isn’t a new cosmetic treatment and has been around for quite some time, the new moniker is catchy and leading people to wonder what exactly it is.

The Lip Flip is a minimally-invasive lip enhancing procedure that is achieved by using a  neuromodulator, like Botox or Dysport, instead of an injectable filler. Botox is injected into the orbicularis oris muscle to make the top border of the upper lip curl upward ever-so-slightly to achieve a fuller appearance and prevent the upper lip from disappearing when a patient smiles, essentially flipping the lip, as the name suggests. 

Patients can expect to see full results within 10-14 days after the Botox injection. Results will typically last 8-10 weeks, which makes the procedure a great alternative to dermal lip fillers if you are a beginner testing out the world of lip enhancements. The Lip Flip is also great if you would like to address a small area, such as the upper lip that disappears when you talk or smile.

To ensure quality care and practices, it is advisable to always consult with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon before going through cosmetic treatments and procedures. At Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery, we offer both dermal lip injections as well as Botox and Dysport treatments. Contact our expert team today to schedule your consultation to put you on the path to perfect lips and a gummy smile!

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