Plastic Surgery Trends Being Affected by TikTok Trends

July 19, 2022 Tags:

woman holding phone in hands with TikTok app launching logo showing

Beauty trends have been influenced by online filters for quite some time now. From “selfie-awareness,” first coined by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS),  to “Snapchat dysmorphia,” “Instagram face,” and most recently the “Zoom Boom effect,” there’s now the “TikTok Face.” 

According to this year’s AAFPRS annual member survey, 77% of AAFPRS members report looking better in selfies being a driving factor for their patients, which is up 35% overall since the AAFPRS first identified this trend in 2016. With the introduction of face-altering, natural-looking filters into a video context, this trend is expected to continue rising. “The use of video for business, social media, and self-promotion is now so ingrained in society that it provides an easy and ever-present lens for self-scrutiny,” says AAFPRS President Corey S. Mass, MD, FACS, about the trend.

“Unlike its predecessors, TikTok makes those static filters fluid, further blurring the lines between fantasy and reality,” Maas says. “With a single click, jaws and noses can be slimmed, eyes enlarged and reshaped, lips volumized, and so on. TikTok technology has become so advanced, that a makeup filter can smooth pores and add lashes while remaining nearly undetectable to the untrained eye, especially when in movement.” 

The impact of virtual filters on the self-scrutiny of patients is undeniable. It influences the ways patients see themselves, and others, and impacts the type of results patients expect from both surgical and non-surgical facial procedures and treatments. 

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