Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Treatments To Avoid in the Summer

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With swimsuit season in full swing, it can be easy to want to rush into plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments to get you the body and glowing skin you want. However, not all plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments are suited for the summer. According to NewBeauty experts, here are the top aesthetic treatments to avoid during the summer:

  1. Facelifts and Facial Skin Resurfacing

    Especially in sunny, hot climates like Nashville, it may be best to schedule your facelift or facial skin resurfacing procedure in the cooler months. When recovering from these procedures, you must avoid the sun for at least several weeks and be diligent with sunscreen for several months. However, if you know you can handle this and your summer provides you with the most free time, it’s still possible. While the summer may allow you to recover while on vacation, your scars could turn brown in the sun, which is why you must avoid the sun.

  2. Laser Treatments

    Laser treatments have a significantly higher risk of giving you a burn or scar when spending too much time in the sun post-treatment. Patients should be careful one week before and one week following laser treatments, and of course, remember that sunscreen is always vital. Some lasers, such as the Halo laser, are great for the fall and winter months because in the summer, if post-treatment skin becomes sunburned, it can lead to prolonged redness and rebound hyperpigmentation. Simple chemical peels can have a similar effect when done in the summer on skin exposed to the sun.

  3. Large Body-Sculpting Procedures

    Procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, or body lifts are also not as common in the summer. This is due to the long periods of recovery when the patient must wear a compression garment for six weeks, which can be hard in the hot sun. If the garment doesn’t slow down your summer plans, the risk of sun exposure will. It’s possible to get third-degree burns on lower tummy tuck skin after sunlight exposure early in post-op. Sun protection with sunscreen and a physical barrier like a shirt with UV protection is critical in the first few months post-op. Scar creams with SPF can also be effective.

Once armed with this knowledge, patients should be prepared and confident going into consultations for their desired treatment or procedure. If you’d like one of the above treatments, waiting until the weather cools down and your schedule isn’t as packed with summer BBQs, beach days, and other commitments may be best. Although, some still decide to go through with these treatments in the summer months, as long as they are aware of and okay with how their treatment will limit what they can do (i.e., no beach days while recovering).

If you’re interested in these or other aesthetic treatments in Nashville, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery for a consultation today!

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