New Year, New Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Trends

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Plastic surgery and medical aesthetics trends are constantly changing, especially with new beauty trends in the new year. Here are some trends to look for in 2022. Here are some trends to look out for in 2022, according to Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz.

More comprehensive facelifts

Facelift techniques are ever-evolving, and so are patients’ desired outcomes. There has recently been an increase in demand for “targeted” lifting procedures, like ones that address laxity in the lower and/or mid-face. However, the face ages as a whole; most patients develop visible changes on the forehead, around the eyes, in the mid-face, and along the jawline at roughly the same time (although they may be more prominent in some areas than others).

Patients are starting to move away from “limited” facelifts and toward more comprehensive lifting procedures that address the entire face. Rather than getting small facelift techniques done every decade, why not refresh with an overall more youthful appearance at once? In the hands of an experienced surgeon like Dr. J. J. Wendel, you can still get natural-looking results while addressing the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and lower face in a single, more extensive procedure.

Eyebrow transplants

Many are unaware that eyebrow transplants are a permanent way to enhance the shape and density of the brows. Hair transplants are a guaranteed way to restore a full head of hair, but did you know that these techniques can be used anywhere on the body? The next big trend in hair transplantation is all about the eyebrows (and Chrissy Teigen recently went on the record about her positive experience). Eyebrow transplantation offers permanent brow restoration that looks 100% natural because your hair is used to fill in sparse spots—and it continues to stay put and grow indefinitely.

Surgery over non-invasive treatments

Non-surgical treatments are a wonderful quick-fix, but their results don’t come anywhere near those that can be achieved with surgery—and they require repeated visits to maintain. Depending on the procedure, the amount of money you spend on non-invasive treatments with modest results can add up to more than actual surgery (and guaranteed results) over time.

Sticking to a maintenance schedule

When checking out from an injectable appointment, like Juvederm or Botox, or another procedure that requires multiple sessions, we recommend that you book your next appointment on the spot (based on the recommended timing discussed in your consultation or before your procedure). This way, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s schedule being full other than your own.

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