Neurotoxins for Rosacea Treatment

June 21, 2022 Tags:

woman receiving botox in nashville

Neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport are already the gold standard for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. However, studies have shown that these same neurotoxins can be used to decrease facial flushing, one of the most prominent symptoms of rosacea.

Patients with rosacea know how hard it can be to mask or get rid of the redness and flushing that comes with it. There are already a handful of in-office treatments, such as lasers and light therapies that can be used to help alleviate symptoms. According to New Beauty expert, New York dermatologist Julie Russak, MD, “Neurotoxin infusion can be used to relax overactive capillaries to diminish redness and rosacea in the skin.” Additionally, “Several studies have shown that neurotoxins also can reduce sebaceous gland hyperactivity and pore size that is also active in rosacea flares.”

The dosing and locations of injections in studies vary, so there are no official guidelines. The process is different from general neurotoxin use, as neurotoxins are typically administered to the muscle for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. To soothe the symptoms of rosacea, dilute amounts of neurotoxin are delivered into the superficial dermis – not as deep into the skin as the muscle – to reduce the vasoactivity of the blood vessels. This process results in the neurotoxins entering via micro-channels instead of the facial muscles, where you would be targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

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