April Aesthetics with Dr. Wendel

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Eyelash lifting professional procedure

As spring blossoms, Dr. Wendel’s clinic unveils an array of transformative treatments designed to sculpt and revitalize your aesthetic canvas. This April, delve into the realms of non-surgical enhancement, rejuvenating injections, or a transformative skincare treatment that will leave you feeling flawless. 

Non-Surgical Solutions

The non-surgical butt lift has quickly become a popular solution for those wanting a BBL procedure, but not wanting to commit to the surgical process. A non-surgical butt lift can sculpt and contour the derrière with precision and finesse, without leaving any scars or having a long recovery time. 

Our expert nurse practitioners ensure that clients achieve lifted, firm, and shapely results without the need for invasive procedures. Elevating confidence and allure, this innovative approach to buttock enhancement promises to redefine beauty standards. Our approach combines expertise with cutting-edge technology to sculpt and contour your buttocks without the need for invasive surgery.

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, our non-surgical butt lift offers a host of benefits. With no scars and minimal downtime, you can achieve the desired results with precision and finesse. Our team of expert nurse practitioners ensures that every client leaves feeling confident and alluring, ready to embrace their enhanced silhouette.

But what sets our Non-Surgical Butt Lift apart? It’s the promise of long-lasting results. Bid farewell to temporary fixes; our non-surgical solution offers results that typically last between three to five years. And when the time comes for a touch-up, we’re here to ensure that your curves remain as stunning as ever.

Choose from our carefully curated packages tailored to meet your specific needs:

Package One: The Problem Targeting Package

Is cellulite or dimpling causing you concern? Perhaps you’re looking to smooth out those pesky hip dips or correct uneven texture. Our Problem Targeting Package is designed to address these specific concerns with precision, leaving you with smoother, more refined contours.

Package Two: The Volume Enhancement Package

For those seeking a more dramatic transformation, our Volume Enhancement Package is the answer. Mimicking the results of a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift, this package adds real volume to your buttocks, enhancing your curves for a more voluptuous silhouette. Together, we’ll determine the ideal volume to achieve your desired look, ensuring stunning results tailored to your goals.

At the plastic surgery office of Dr. J.J. Wendel, we’re committed to redefining beauty standards and empowering our clients to feel their best, inside and out. 

PRP Injections 

Another non-surgical process you can use to enhance your looks is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection therapy, which offers a multitude of benefits across both medical and cosmetic domains. By harnessing the body’s own healing mechanisms, PRP injections have shown remarkable efficacy in various applications. In the realm of aesthetics, PRP injections are celebrated for their role in hair restoration, combating hair loss and promoting regrowth. 

PRP injections serve as a valuable adjunct to post-ablative procedures, aiding in tissue regeneration and hastening recovery. PRP injections are a non-filler option for stimulating collagen production in areas experiencing volume loss, rejuvenating the skin’s texture and elasticity. 

If you’re itching to revamp your aesthetics this April, but don’t want to participate in any major cosmetic surgeries, then one of these options might work best for you. You can contact our office for a consultation, and we can help you achieve your desired results today!