New Technique Retains Nipple Color in Men After Breast Reduction

June 16, 2020 Tags: , , , , , ,

stethoscope and medical glove next to pink and green label reading "gynecomastia treatment" in black letters

When plastic surgeons perform breast reduction surgery for men, they typically temporarily remove the nipple and regraft it back to the breast at the end of surgery. For some patients, this results in lighter nipples, discoloration, or even a spotty appearance. However, a new technique in breast reduction involves the cutting and lifting of the breast, rather than removing the nipple. As a result, men with dark nipples maintain their blood vessels and natural nipple color. When men choose this technique over traditional nipple removal and grafting, they may experience more scarring across the chest, but there is a much lower chance of their brown nipples turning pink.

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