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Are you self conscious about your breasts? Are you afraid to remove your T-shirt at the beach or gym? Male breast reduction or excision of gynecomastia is the 4th most common plastic surgery procedure for men. You don’t have to live with large breasts or puffy nipples. Dr. Wendel performs male breast reduction by direct excision, liposuction or sometimes a combination of both.

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RealSelf Gynecomastia

For many men, the appearance of abnormal breast tissue can be awkward and embarrassing. It often times make you feel self conscious and can cause improper posture because you are trying to conceal the fatty tissue beneath your shirt. What may be a surprise to learn is that one out of three men suffers from some degree of abnormal breast tissue due to hormones, genetics or maybe even from a fatty tumor. Often, the best and most predictable solution for gynecomastia is Male Breast Reduction, which reduces and reshapes the chest area through surgery. Sometimes liposuction alone is enough, but sometimes a more extensive male breast reduction is required to remove excess skin and tissue. The male nipple can also be reshaped, repositioned and made smaller if necessary.


Before the Male Breast Reduction, Dr. Wendel will perform a comprehensive workup on your chest to see if the problem is presents itself in one or both breasts. Once that is determined, Nashville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wendel will evaluate how much fatty tissue and skin needs to be removed. After the evaluation is complete, Dr. Wendel will surgically remove the excess skin and tissue, tightening and lifting the area. This end result is a more masculine looking physique. Following the surgery, Dr. Wendel will go over Male Breast Reduction recovery instructions, in order to minimize any discomfort.


Dr. Wendel also performs chest masculinization surgery to sculpt a male chest. To accomplish this, he surgically removes breast tissue from underneath a female’s skin while usually retaining the nipples and areola. The amount of skin removed depends on the size of the breasts. Nipples and areola may or may not be elevated as well.

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