Face Transplant Recipient: ‘I Bet It All’ and Won

November 13, 2017 Tags: , ,

(Photo: Yalonda M. James/The Commercial Appeal via USA Today)

Pat Hardison, a volunteer fireman, recently spoke about his experience undergoing the world’s most extensive face transplant. After deciding to go through with it, Hardison waited 6 years and underwent 70 surgeries to repair burn-related damage. The disfigurement happened when Hardison was fighting a house fire and its burning ceiling collapsed; his mask and helmet melted, and he lost his eyelids and ears. After the fire, Hardison was unrecognizable by friends and family and was forced to stay in the hospital for 63 days before the doctors sent him home. After the successful transplant surgery, Hardison believes that he’s been given new life. “I can go places with my kids now.” No one looks at him and asks ‘what happened’ anymore.

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