Chin Liposuction Trending Among Young People

June 14, 2022 Tags:

woman's chin, lips and nose in frame

The newest trend for Generation Z 20-somethings isn’t a TikTok dance – it’s jawline enhancements. The hashtag #chinlipo on TikTok is netting 60 million views, while Gen Z influencers speak about the work they’ve had done to their jawlines. One popular content creator, Audrey Peters, spoke with The New York Post about her decision to have “over an inch of fat” from her chin removed with the help of liposuction technology. The 25-year-old said “it was something [she] was always insecure about” and “always wanted to fix.”

This isn’t just a fleeting trend. Many more TikTokers are posting videos and being transparent about their decision to have work done to remove extra chin fat. Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon, told The Post he saw an uptick in face-slimming procedures at the beginning of the pandemic when all anyone saw on Zoom meetings were people’s faces, but this trend is still going strong as we move towards a post-pandemic world.

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