Out with the Old, In with the New You

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This year, we are all about feeling confident and empowered, and the new year is the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves us. Instead of letting insecurities hold you back, we can help you move forward into 2021 with confidence. Now is the time for your rebirth – you deserve it!

The Perfect Trio: Capsulectomy, Breast Implant Removal, and Breast Lift

Are you unhappy with the look, feel, or shape of your breast implants and considering breast implant removal? Breast implant revision surgery paired with a breast lift is an incredible option that women love, and Dr. J. J. Wendel is highly sought after for his results following these breast surgeries. Through capsulectomy, breast implant removal, and breast lift surgery, you can restore your natural, beautiful silhouette and feel your best again.

Dr. J. J. Wendel performs capsulectomy surgery by removing the capsule, or thick scar tissue, that keeps breast implants in place. In some patients, capsules can tighten around their implants, resulting in a painful capsular contracture that can cause a distorted appearance of the breasts. After capsulectomy surgery, Dr. J. J. Wendel will perform breast implant removal surgery followed by a breast lift to leave you feeling confident and gorgeous. Dr. J. J. Wendel would love to discuss your goals with you during a consultation. Schedule an appointment with our office today!

Our Favorite Treatments to Start the New Year with Fresh Skin

Vitalize Chemical Peel

Now is the perfect time to shed dead skin and start fresh for a healthy and beautiful 2021. Our team loves the Vitalize chemical peel to restore skin health, rejuvenate, and glow. Vitalize chemical peel treatments are a wonderful option for patients with mild to moderate skin issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, or melasma. We recommend that patients undergo three to six Vitalize chemical peels to see promising results!

To amplify your Vitalize chemical peel results and treat your skin well, you’ll also want to invest in the right skin care products. Our team can recommend the best regimen specifically for you. Plus, to make your new year even brighter, when you spend $500 on skin care products this month, you will receive a complimentary chemical peel ($145 value) at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery! The skin care products below are great for everyone and perfect to use after a Vitalize chemical peel:

  • Wendel Radiance Peel Pads: These powerful pads contain glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells and improve texture so you can reveal your brightest skin yet.
  • Wendel Lipid Replenishing Cream: A therapeutic daily moisturizer perfect for post-procedure skin with collagen, squalene, cholesterol, and ceramides to restore healthy moisture levels and improve the skin barrier.
  • Wendel Mattifying Minerals Sunscreen Powder SPF 30: We don’t go anywhere without SPF! This multi-purpose product provides sun protection in a convenient powder formula to take care of oil while keeping skin safe from daily damage.

Halo Laser + Forever Young BBL Laser Skin Treatments

Laser skin treatments are another incredible procedure that we recommend in the winter. Our favorites? Halo Laser and Forever Young BBL. Forever Young BBL is the only laser skin treatment that has been proven to reverse RNA gene expression to deliver clearer, smoother skin. Paired with Halo Laser, which treats sun damage, discoloration, fine lines, and texture, this dynamic duo will make you look and feel younger, brighter, and more vibrant. Our team would love to help you reverse signs of stress, fatigue, and aging so you can put your best foot forward and step into more confidence in 2021.

New Year, New You: Schedule a Consultation Today!

Are you ready to feel like your best self? Schedule a consultation with our office! We’d love to answer any of your questions surrounding breast surgeries, skin procedures, or anti-aging skin care products. We can’t wait to help you let go and start the new year off right.