If you have a very colorful tattoo that you want to remove, Nashville plastic surgeon Dr. Wendel has the perfect laser to shatter and remove your brightly colored unwanted ink. The Astanza Eternity is an advanced Q-switched ruby laser that is able to remove the most stubborn inks — such as blue, green, violet, and resistant black — in fewer treatments than most competitive systems.

The Eternity Laser is the most powerful ruby laser on the market and can greatly reduce the number of treatments necessary on traditionally resistant ink colors.

The Eternity Q-switched Ruby Laser is used to treat:

  • Stubborn ink colors: black, green, blue, violet
  • Pigmented Lesions: café-au-lait spots, solar lentigo, senile lentigo, Becker’s nevi, Freckles, Nevus Spilus

During your initial tattoo removal consultation, Dr. Wendel or his associate will assess your tattoo and see if you are a candidate for treatment with the Astanza Eternity laser. During a tattoo removal treatment, the Eternity works by shattering the tattoo pigment with a precise wavelength of light energy. Over the weeks following your treatment, you will notice your tattoo start to fade as your body naturally eliminates the destroyed ink. Laser tattoo removal can be performed in the office with no down time.

For your comfort, we use ice packs and the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cooling System.

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