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Tattoo Removal

“A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling” doesn’t actually have to be permanent, thanks to laser tattoo removal. Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery has two lasers that are highly effective at removing tattoos of all colors and in people of all skin types. Our certified aesthetic laser operator will customize your treatments and consistently work to restore your skin to its natural appearance.

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The Next Wave in Aesthetics

Whether it be a shift in personal preference or the demands of a professional career, more people are looking for solutions to remove their tattoo. The cost of tattoo removal may be cheaper and the process quicker than you think. Laser Tattoo Removal has proven to be the safest and most effective form of tattoo removal. Our technologically advanced lasers (Revlite Q-switched Nd:YAG & Astanza Eternity Q-switched Ruby Laser) target ink and break up tattoo pigment with highly focused light energy. Tattoos fade after each treatment as our body’s lymphatic system breaks down and removes the ink. Over the course of a series of sessions, the targeted tattoo gradually fades. Once the tattoo has been successfully removed, the result is permanent.

Top Ten Reasons for Tattoo Removal

  1. A Break Up: The most common removed tattoo is the name of an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or significant other.
  2. A Wedding: If you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid and don’t like your tattoo, then an upcoming wedding is a great motivator to get rid of that tattoo once and for all.
  3. A New Job: Whether you agree or not, some professionals view tattoos as unprofessional.
  4. A Change in Interests: Do your fraternity letters or that band logo no longer interest you?
  5. Embarrassment: Yes, some people do care about what their friends, family and others think about them.
  6. Wardrobe Issues: Does your tattoo clash with you sense of fashion or colors that you want to wear? Is it difficult to keep your tattoo covered.
  7. To Be a Role Model: Many parents discover it no longer seems cool to have a tattoo, especially one that your children are going to see.
  8. Altered Body Image: Does your tattoo make you feel bad about yourself or change your image in a negative way?
  9. Quality of Tattoo: Did the tattoo not turn out the way you wanted or is it low quality?
  10. Realized that you have a Tattoo:  Believe it or not, Ed Helms of the Hangover, Part II is not the only one to sober up and realize he made a big mistake, getting a Mike Tyson-esque tattoo.

Regret. That’s what many people feel after getting a tattoo.  If you look in the mirror and shutter at the “permanent” artwork on your skin, there is some good news – it’s not permanent. With Laser Tattoo Removal, it is possible to have your tattoo removed without a trace of any ink left over.

If you wince at any pain you associate with tattoo removal, you will be happy to learn, that the procedure shouldn’t have you grimacing with disapproval. While there may have been some pain associated with getting a tattoo, there are ways to avoid major discomfort with the use of several methods and products used at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery.

The Revlite Laser

Dr. Wendel and his associates treat clients, seeking tattoo removal, with a world-class device called the RevLite Laser with PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP). This special kind of Laser is well known in the skin care industry for being one of the gentlest because it uses less heat, making it safer and causing less discomfort. The Laser is uniquely engineered for tattoo removal in a way that makes it more powerful and highly efficient at treating even stubborn tattoos.

The RevLite Laser’s strength and unique properties place it as a benchmark of nanopulse technology, making it the established gold standard for laser tattoo removal. Patients who experience the RevLite Laser have a high percentage of satisfaction because of the Laser’s notable results. Many doctors choose the Laser because of its unique ability to provide considerable outcomes on light and dark skin types, even though it is sensitive to the skin. Some of the most difficult-to-remove tattoos are no match for the Cynosure RevLite Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser which is capable of treating all tattoo ink colors in all skin types.

The Astanza Eternity Laser

We also have invested in cutting-edge Astanza Eternity Laser technology to expand our leading tattoo removal services in Nashville. The Eternity is the most powerful Q-switched ruby laser system available and is designed for removing resistant tattoo colors. It produces six times the power of dye hand pieces used by other tattoo removal practitioners and is the safest, most reliable, and most effective laser for stubborn tattoo inks.

The Eternity produces a 694 nm wavelength that is widely recognized for its ability to tackle and completely remove rare, resilient colors such as green, blue, and violet. The Eternity’s specific wavelength is very well absorbed by these ink colors, allowing it to give complete tattoo removal results where other lasers fail. It also can be used in conjunction with our Q-switched Nd:YAG laser for faster results on resistant black ink tattoos.

The Eternity Laser delivers high pulse energy in ultra-short pulse durations resulting in higher peak power and better ink shattering. The Eternity is equipped with a unique oval-shaped beam that helps reduce treatment overlap for minimized side effects and natural-looking results. The Eternity is one of the most trusted laser systems on the market and delivers fast, effective tattoo removal on resistant ink colors on all skin types.

Tattoo Removal Procedure

Your laser tattoo treatment is performed in the office at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery located in the heart of Green Hills, Nashville, TN. Depending on the extent of your tattoo, treatment can take as little as a few seconds to a few minutes. During your session, the Laser will emit short pulses of Laser light energy onto your skin. The Laser technology features an advanced setting that safely and gently penetrates your skin, targeting the tattoo ink while sparing the surrounding skin.  This minimizes any chance of scarring or loss of normal skin color. The Laser energy bursts the tattoo pigment, and over time, your body’s immune system carries the shattered pigment away. Although you will probably notice improvement right away, you will likely need a series of sessions for complete removal of the tattoo.

“How much does tattoo removal cost?”

This is the most common question asked about Laser Tattoo Treatment.  Put simply, the cost is determined by the size of tattoo and the number of treatments necessary for satisfactory tattoo removal. When you purchase a tattoo removal treatment package in advance, there is a discount for the treatment package.

“How many treatments will I need?”

This is probably the second most common question asked about Laser Tattoo Removal. Based on six determining factors (skin type, tattoo location, tattoo color, amount of ink, scarring and ink layering), Dr. Wendel and his associates can give you an estimate, with a reasonable degree of certainty, for the total number of treatments you will need. The R20 tattoo removal treatment definitely jump starts and speeds the process of ink removal.

For more details, call Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery today to see if you’re a candidate for the RevLite Laser tattoo removal procedure, (615) 921-2100.

For your comfort, we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cooling System.

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