Your Research + Your Plastic Surgeons Advice = The Best Results

April 26, 2022 Tags:

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One common saying that generally rings true for medical patients is “knowledge is power.” The informed, empowered patient who does their homework but comes to their consultation with an open mind is often the patient who comes out with the best plastic surgery results. Arriving at your consultation ready to discuss your options and hear your plastic surgeon’s opinions is best practice.

Finding information, anecdotes, and opinions about different cosmetic surgery treatments online is easy, but in many cases, these sources do not have the training or experience that a board-certified plastic surgeon does. This is why it’s vital to balance your own research with the advice and expertise of your plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgery is a Collaborative Process

Your plastic surgeon may be the expert, but you know what you’re most comfortable with and what will make you happy. If you’d like a change but don’t want to go under the knife, your plastic surgeon can offer you the best non-surgical treatments that will get you the results you’d like. By providing your surgeon with inspiration photos and clearly communicating your expectations, your doctor can use this information to offer input on what will work best for you depending on your bone structure, musculature, and more.

Plastic Surgery Plans Should Be as Unique as the People Receiving It

Every patient is different and therefore requires a surgical plan unique to them. A little collaboration and back and forth communication can lead to a customized plan that will help you achieve your goals. While extensive online research is great, it should not be seen as a replacement, but as a supplement for in-person consultations with a board-certified plastic surgeon. What works for one person may not be realistic for another. You’ll be living with the results, not the influencers and bloggers who supply information online. Be sure to balance opinions, check your sources, consult your doctor, and carefully consider what results will be best for you before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

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