Renuva: Turn Back the Clock on Time’s First Touch

April 18, 2023 Tags:

a woman's two hands placed on top of each other

Renuva is an FDA-regulated injectable that is used to restore volume loss where time has taken its toll. Derived from purified fat tissue, it creates a honeycomb-like scaffold that your fat cells can grow around and eventually replace. Renuva is versatile and used to restore volume and contour to more discrete areas of the body where native fat exists, such as the temples, cheeks, hip dips, and hands.

Unlike traditional fat transfer procedures, Renuva is an injectable treatment that does not require any additional surgical procedures. With this treatment method relying solely on the injection, there is no need for the liposuction that fat transfers require, as this method seeks to stimulate already existing fat growth. This makes it an excellent option for patients seeking to restore volume loss in problem areas without having to worry about anesthesia.

Renuva is safe, with the most commonly reported side effects being mild and temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site. These side effects typically resolve within a few days to a week after the treatment. This treatment is notably quick, with treatments lasting approximately 10 minutes. With no required surgery and results appearing as soon as eight weeks following the treatment, Renuva is a superb option for clients.

Overall, Renuva is a safe and effective treatment for restoring age-related volume loss, but it’s important to consult with a qualified medical professional to determine if Renuva is the best option for you. Renuva can be a great option for patients seeking an alternative to traditional fat transfer procedures, or for those who may not have enough fat in other areas to undergo a fat transfer procedure. To find out if you qualify for Renuva treatment, contact Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation on whether it is right for you or if there are better options available.

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