Is Cosmetic Acupuncture the New Botox?

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Doctor placing acupuncture needles into woman's face

Natural solutions that are alternatives to Botox have been on the rise in the world of beauty! One of these alternatives called cosmetic acupuncture or “acu-facelift”, doesn’t require the patient to have permanent or semi-permanent chemicals injected into the face to lift or fill the skin. Instead, cosmetic acupuncture uses traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques that stimulate face muscles and target the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging skin. 


Patients, especially women, may find that cosmetic acupuncture could enhance their supplemented collagen intake. When women hit their 20s, collagen production steadily declines and women have resulted in taking collagen supplements for an extra boost. However, since collagen doesn’t necessarily know where it’s needed, it is essentially doing nothing. This is where minor trauma to your face is a good thing! By using acupuncture to create minor trauma to the skin, collagen rushes to heal and plump that area of skin. 


“The insertion of the totally painless ultra-fine needles causes a ‘microtrauma’ in the local area, signaling the body’s healing cells (fibroblasts) to start a process of collagen and elastin production to ‘repair’ the area,” says Dr. Tam, founder of Cosmetic Acupuncture Melbourne. 


With this Botox alternative, there is absolutely no downtime. Patients could easily receive cosmetic acupuncture on their lunch break, after work, or any time as sessions for an acu-facelift typically last approximately 20 minutes. If you aren’t ready to make the leap into chemical treatments, such as Botox, cosmetic acupuncture is a great introduction to the world of facial cosmetic treatments. No matter what cosmetic facial treatment a patient decides to schedule, it is important to maintain the skin after any treatment for optimal benefits. At Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic surgery, there are various options of skincare products to choose from for youthful, glowing skin.


Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery offers Botox treatments and alternatives such as the Liquid Facelift and other skin treatments. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! 


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