Get A Sculpted Jawline

April 27, 2021 Tags: , ,

Woman Receiving a Jaw Massage

Are you noticing signs of aging appearing around your neck and jawline area? As the fastest aging part of the body, noticing changes in these areas is perfectly normal and natural. However, thanks to plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments, you don’t have to live with these unwanted changes. If you’re interested in getting a more sculpted jawline, consider these options recommended by estheticians and doctors across the country. First and foremost, change starts at home. Try optimizing your skincare routine with a facial massager, toning device, or at-home radio frequency. There are also many options if you’re seeking in-office treatments. Fillers are a popular choice for those looking to tighten the tissues along their jawline. For those seeking to treat a double chin, Kybella is a great way to dissolve unwanted fat cells underneath the jawline.  In-office radio frequency treatments are also an effective treatment to tighten skin. However, because radio frequency treatments do not offer permanent results, they are considered lifestyle treatments. There are also several great surgical options to permanently sculpt your jawline. For the right candidate, chin implants can be an effective solution to provide a tighter, slimmer, and sharper-looking jawline. Liposuction can also be used to remove volume from the neck. However, this treatment is best recommended for patients 50 years old and younger. Finally, perhaps a jawline, neck, or facelift is right for you! This surgical procedure is best for a patient with excess neck and chin skin looking for a youthful appearance. If you’re interested in sculpting your jawline, contact Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation!


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