Flip or Fill? How to Determine if a Lip Flip or Lip Filler is Right For You

October 31, 2023 Tags: , ,

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Recently, the trend of lip flips has surged in popularity, but it’s important to remember that this trendy treatment might not be the ideal choice for everyone. The decision between a lip flip and lip filler, or a combination of both, should be based on individual anatomy and aesthetic goals.

One of the reasons behind the increasing demand for lip flips is the fear of an overdone appearance often associated with lip fillers. Some individuals hesitate to opt for lip fillers, believing they might end up with a dramatic look reminiscent of trends from a decade ago. However, experts emphasize that lip fillers can achieve subtle, natural-looking results when administered by experienced professionals.

Ultimately, the decision should be made after consulting with a trusted plastic surgeon, much like Dr. Wendel, who can evaluate your anatomy, budget, and comfort boundaries, and provide realistic expectations. Here are some insights on how lip flips or filler can help you achieve your desired results. 

For More Volume: Lip Filler

If your primary goal is to achieve greater lip volume, lip fillers are generally recommended. Lip flips can make your lips appear slightly larger and fuller, but this effect is mainly due to increased vertical exposure of the lip structure, not forward projection or true plumpness.

For More Surface Area: Lip Flip

If your lips appear flat or are set too far inside your mouth, a lip flip can be a better choice. This procedure elevates and enhances the colored lip area, creating more surface area and a more pronounced appearance.

If You Have Thin Lips: Lip Flip + Lip Filler

For patients with thin lips or lips that nearly disappear when smiling, combining a lip flip with lip filler can provide the desired fullness and shape. This combination achieves both vertical uplift and outward projection.

For Longer-Lasting Results: Lip Filler

Lip flips are done with Botox or other neurotoxins, and their results tend to wear off relatively quickly, typically within four to six weeks. For more enduring volume, lip filler procedures are the preferred choice.

Ultimately, the decision between a lip flip and lip filler should be based on your individual preferences and the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon. Book a consultation with Dr. J.J. Wendel today to determine the best approach for achieving your desired look.

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