Cosmetic Procedures to Get Just in Time for Summer

May 17, 2022 Tags:

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Looking to get a cosmetic procedure done but not wanting it to cut into your activities come the height of summer? Here are some of the most popular procedures you should get done ASAP in order to be BBQ ready for the Fourth of July.


According to David Sieber, MD, rhinoplasties are very popular for younger, college-age patients seeking a change between semesters and taking advantage of their spring or summer breaks. Rhinoplasties are a great spring break or summer-prep procedure, as you can get the procedure done, be at home for a week and then go back to school or regular activities, although some swelling may be present for six to 12 months.

Breast Procedures

All kinds of breast procedures such as breast augmentations, lifts, or reductions are popular during this time of year, as many want to heal before the summer truly hits. These procedures often require six weeks of limited activity for the swelling to go down. After four to six weeks, activity levels can usually go up, but with augmentations, this can depend on the size of implant you get.

Lasers and Microneedling

Before the sun is out full time, laser and microneedling treatments can help you get the summer body you’ve been dreaming about. Although you have to be more careful about wearing sunscreen, getting these as soon as possible will set you up for success when the Nashville sun’s beating down on us later in the summer.

If you’re considering a laser deep resurfacing laser or chemical peel, waiting until fall is best, as you shouldn’t be out in the sun with those for a few months. However, there are plenty of laser treatments you can still do and be summer-ready. Radiofrequency microneedling for body contouring, like Morpheus8, is a great option, though results improve over a few months.


For filler or other injectables such as Botox, the time is now, as the swelling will go down to look good for summer. After years of COVID-19 guidelines, people are ready to be out there and social again without a mask, and getting some filler to fix up your look for summer is just what the doctor ordered.


Similar to rhinoplasties, otoplasties, or ear surgeries, are popular summer procedures as people tend to have more downtime during this season.

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