What Exactly to Look for in Breast Lift Results

October 27, 2020 Tags: , , , ,

woman in black lace bra

Changing breast form and shape is a natural, albeit frustrating part of aging. Whether it is due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormones, or gravity, women may find that their breasts are no longer as perky or as full as they once were. If you relate, you may want to schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Jason Wendel who performs breast lift with or without implants. Before choosing a plastic surgeon for your breast procedure, look for these four key aspects in their breast lift results. First, a quality surgeon should leave only small, well-hidden scars that are difficult to detect. The nipples should also be symmetrical and proportional to one another as well as round and elevated. Additionally, an ideal breast lift should look natural, and not boxy or unnatural. Finally, unless an individual already has a slim figure, an expert plastic surgeon may also remove excess fat around the chest so the body is proportional to the new breasts. Dr. Wendel understands the importance of these key qualities in a breast lift and is here to help you regain confidence in your figure. Contact us today to learn more about breast lift at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery!


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Image Source: https://www.realself.com/news/what-to-look-for-breast-lift-before-afters