RevLite Laser

RevLite Laser for Tattoo Removal
& Skin Pigmentation

RevLite:  A versatile system the enables customized treatments

If you are interested in looking younger, treating skin pigmentation or even removing an unwanted tattoo, Nashville plastic surgeon Dr.Wendel has a laser that targets a variety of skin problems at different layers of the skin. The RevLite Laser is a gentle skin treatment that can be used once or as part of an anti-aging maintenance program.
The RevLite Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser is used to treat:

-Tattoos of All Colors
-Hair Removal
-Nevus of Ota
-Vascular Lesions: port wine birthmarks, telangiectasias, spider angioma, cherry angioma, spider veins
-Pigmented Lesions, cafe-au-lait birthmarks, solar lentigo, senile lentigo, Becker's nevi, Freckles, Nevus spilus

RevLite Laser Wrinkles Acne Lesions Tattoo Removal

To assist you with your skin care needs, Dr. Wendel uses the laser to treat the problem area. If used for skin rejuvenation purposes the laser helps reorganize the skin’s collagen allowing for new younger skin growth.

If being used for tattoo removal, the laser works by shattering the tattoo pigment and over time removing unwanted images. Laser tattoo removal can be performed in the office with no down time.

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For your comfort, we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cooling System. To learn more, click here.

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