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Do your nipples stick out too far, or do they point inward? Do you have large areola or puffy nipples? Are your areola different sizes or out of proportion with the rest of your breast? Dr. Wendel performs nipple surgery and areola reduction, as well as correction of inverted nipples and nipple reconstruction for both women and men.


Do you have large areola or puffy nipples? Are your areola different sizes or out of proportion with the rest of your breast? If this describes you, areola reduction might be a good solution for you. Dr. Wendel uses his surgical skill and experience to adjust the size of your areola to fit your breasts and correct any differences that you may have between the right and the left breast. Reducing your areola can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentationbreast lift, or breast reduction.

Nipple surgery and adjustments can also be performed during breast reconstruction after mastectomy.


Inverted nipples describes a condition in which one or both nipples points inward instead of outward. It is a common problem, occurring in both men and women. In persons born with inverted nipples, the nipple may temporarily protrude with stimulation. For women, pregnancy and breastfeeding may temporarily or permanently correct “shy nipples”, though some women with invaginated nipples may have difficulty breastfeeding.

If you are self conscious about inverted nipples, nipple repair is an option. Nipple surgery repairs inverted nipples but does risk causing the inability to breastfeed because the milk ducts may be cut during the procedure.

Please note: If one or both nipples retracts later in life, this could be a sign of breast cancer. You should perform a self-exam and check your breast for a lump, skin retraction, bloody nipple discharge or any other changes in the breast. Also, see you regular doctor for a check up and possible mammogram.


Do your nipples stick out too far? Has breastfeeding left you with nipples that are long or droopy? If so, nipple reduction may be right for you. Dr. Wendel can make your nipples smaller and correct any differences you have between the right and left sides. Nipple correction can restore the symmetry you desire and greatly improve the overall appearance of your breasts. Nipple reduction can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction.


Nipple reconstruction is often the last and final stage for breast reconstruction. It completes the reconstruction and helps make a woman feel whole again. Nipples are comprised of two parts: a papule and an areola.  Together, they are called the Nipple Areola Complex (NAC). Both the papule and the areola can be reconstructed at the same time.

There are several ways to reconstruct the papule which involves some geometric incisions on the breast skin to create a raised area of skin.

Next, the areola is reconstructed with either a skin graft or it can be tattooed. A nipple tattoo adds color to the newly reconstructed papule and areola.


We offer areola and nipple tattooing after breast reconstruction. Tattooing adds color to the areola and nipple. Pigment can be selected to match the color of your other nipple or the color you choose if you are having both nipples tattooed.

Our goal is to create the appearance of a naturally-pigmented nipple with a realistic look so that you feel completely restored after the loss of one or both of your breasts.

The pigments we use are high-quality, medical grade pigment. Your nipple tattoos should last a long time. Fading over time, however, is normal. Returning later for touch-up work is more often the rule rather than the exception. The process for adding more pigment is similar to the first treatment but may not take as long.

Reconstructed nipples and areolas sometimes do not take pigment as well as normal skin. Therefore, we offer a one-time complimentary touch-up 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. We want you to be satisfied with your results.