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Brow Lift

Do you have a low brow or hooded eyelids? If you want to reverse the effects of aging and gravity on your forehead, you might be a good candidate for a forehead lift, also called a brow lift or browplasty. Dr Wendel performs brow lift using either an endoscope or an open brow technique, with precision and expertise, to make your procedure a success.

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Real Self Brow Lift

If your eyebrows sag or have a low position, creating a tired look, you might be a good candidate for a forehead lift (brow lift). Candidates for a forehead lift often times have deep horizontal creases in their forehead or frown-lines between the eyebrows and on the top of their nose. If you wish to rejuvenate this area, the forehead lift could work for you.

Depending on your unique needs, Dr. Wendel performs:

  • Endoscopic Brow Lift | Endobrow Lift
  • Modified Endobrow Lift
  • Open Brow Lift


Not all brow lifts are for elevating the forehead. Some individuals have a hairline that is too high. If you have a hairline that is too high and want it lowered, you might enjoy the benefits of a hairline advancement procedure. Hairline lowering or advancement can be achieved through a technique that is like a reverse brow lift.  This procedure involves a narrow scar that is well hidden along the front hairline. Recovery from this procedure is similar to that of a brow lift.


Dr. Wendel will perform the forehead lift using anesthesia in a fully accredited Nashville surgical facility. Next, he will make a surgical incision near the ear and through to the top of the forehead near the hairline. Dr. Wendel will remove the excess tissue, skin and muscle behind the forehead and lift the skin in an upward direction.  Dr. Wendel often performs endoscopic forehead lift surgery, also known as Endobrow Lift Surgery, to minimize the length of the incisions. After suturing the incision back in place, Dr. Wendel will go over forehead lift or endobrow lift recovery instructions, in order to minimize any discomfort.


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