Why Many Are Choosing Chin Filler For Facial Balancing

August 17, 2021 Tags:

woman recieving chin filler by provider with pink gloves

Experts believe that chin filler will be the next big trend to sweep dermal filler aesthetics since the lip filler, amid the post-Zoom boom of interest in injectables for facial optimization, balance, and rejuvenation. 

The fixation on perfecting the eyes and upper face we saw in the last year due to having the lower half of the face covered will shift to a focus on the more holistic look of the face as we shed our masks. Many argue that chin augmentation is a game-changer for facial optimization, as it can sharpen jawlines, make noses appear smaller, and make cheekbones pop. This can result in a more youthful-looking face and optimize natural beauty. 

Making minor adjustments to the chin to achieve an overall balanced look comes down to the chin’s centrality within the face, as small changes can lead to impressive results. However, chin augmentation is not the only avenue to achieve a balanced face. It can be utilized in a series of treatments to balance the face as a whole.

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