The Latest Plastic Surgery Trends For the 2024 New Year

January 23, 2024 Tags: ,

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As the new year unfolds, a growing number of individuals are choosing to embark on aesthetic journeys, kickstarting their self-improvement goals with the latest plastic surgery trends. Studies have shown all surgical procedures, from facial injections to breast enhancements, usually take place in the early months of the new year.

Most patients begin the year focusing on resolutions and preparing for spring, so plastic surgeons across the country notice an increase in a wide range of procedures in the beginning of the year. While it is hard to predict what trends will rise in popularity as the year progresses, there are a few trendy procedures that are happening as the new year has kicked off.

Facial injections and breast enhancements are among the most sought-after procedures as the year unfolds. The early months witness a noticeable uptick in the number of individuals embarking on these aesthetic journeys. Studies have consistently revealed that the commencement of the new year serves as a pivotal time for those contemplating plastic surgery, with many seizing the opportunity to align their resolutions with physical transformations.

Seasonality plays a crucial role in patients making decisions for wanting to revamp their appearance, post-holiday renewal causes a big influx of appointments in most plastic surgery offices. The period after the holidays becomes the preferred time for breast and body surgeries, offering patients a fresh start after the busy festive season.

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