Sophie Turner Speaks Out on Her Alleged Buccal Fat Removal

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Recently, the internet has been abuzz with speculation surrounding celebrity Sophie Turner’s facial appearance. Media outlets have been speculating that the star has undergone buccal fat removal surgery, which has caused a noticeable change in her facial structure

What Exactly is a Buccal Fat Removal?

This procedure is typically sought after by individuals aiming for a slimmer lower face and a more defined jawline. Ideal candidates are those with an excess of buccal fat, which contributes to a fuller-than-typical appearance in the lower face.

Are There Alternatives to Buccal Fat Removals? 

While nothing precisely targets anterior lower face fullness like buccal fat removal, it’s essential to consider other factors. Some individuals may mistakenly believe they have excess buccal fat when, in reality, they have an enlarged masseter muscle located just behind the buccal fat pad. For these cases, achieving a more angular appearance may be possible through neurotoxin injections targeting the masseter muscle.

Buccal Fat Consultation

Sophie Turner’s alleged buccal fat removal has reignited conversations about the cosmetic procedure. Whether Turner underwent the procedure or not, the discussion surrounding it sheds light on the intricacies of a buccal fat removal  and the considerations individuals must weigh before undergoing such interventions.

Dr. J.J. Wendel’s office offers buccal fat removal procedures, if this is something you have been considering. Schedule a consultation with us today and learn more about the buccal fat removal process. 


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