2023’s Breakout Dermal Filler

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woman with structured, angular jawline

Dermal fillers are known for their remarkable ability to restore lost facial volume, plump lips, smooth creases and sculpt faces to have a youthful appearance. Primarily emphasizing the jawline while being invasive and easily accessible, dermal fillers serve as an easy solution to turn the clock back in facial areas. Due to its increasing popularity, dermal fillers are expected to see a growth of 9% in the global facial injectables market, cementing its place in the world of plastic surgery.

The Latest Innovation

This year Juvéderm Volux XC made its debut, serving as the only filler specifically designed to enhance the jawline and chin. Volux is a thicker filler than most, making it one of the best options to build bone-like structure in the lower face. Only recently becoming FDA-approved, the new filler is already being used to sculpt a more structured, chiseled jawline. This filler mitigates recessed and weak jawlines, and creates a balance to the lower face with the upper half.

Fillers follow a grading scale called G prime with the higher the rating the more bone like it is. Volux has a remarkably high G prime rating, enabling doctors to help their patients achieve the growing plastic surgery trend of having a highly sculpted jawline.

A Sharper Look

Though it may be tempting to go to a surgeon and ask for the product by name, it is much better to explain the concerns and goals you’d like to achieve instead. By addressing your concerns to the surgeon directly, you can have a much needed strategy drawn up. This can include different ways to achieve the desired results like other forms of fillers or surgery.

It is recommended to always contact a board-certified surgeon like Dr. J. J. Wendel. These surgeons are not only able to provide the best in terms of quality but are able to provide quality feedback and recommendations to help you obtain the look that you desire.

Curious if injectable fillers are your best option? Contact Dr J. J. Wendel to schedule a consultation from one of our experts. Schedule a consultation today to learn what injectable fillers are best for your desired results.

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