Prepping for Breast Augmentation – Five Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Patients choose to undergo breast augmentation for various reasons. This decision is typically prefaced with questions about which procedure is best and what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

While the best treatment option depends on each person’s body and goals, there are a few questions with universal answers.

What are my implant options?

Dr. Wendel uses several types of breast implants, and during a consultation, he can help the patient decide which one is right for them. Dr. Wendel gives advice that is backed by 19 years of experience being a board certified plastic surgeon. He will discuss incision location and will help the patient better understand which type of implant will be the most beneficial.

As for the types of implants, Dr. Wendel offers the following options:

  • The Natrelle INSPIRA® collection is the only one of its kind, featuring three types of gel implants. All INSPIRA gel implants are soft to the touch with varying levels of cohesion.
  • Sientra® introduced the anatomically shaped “Gummy Bear” breast implants, and Dr. Wendel was the first plastic surgeon in the state of Tennessee to use this specific type of breast implant.
  • Mentor MemoryShape® breast implants may be used in primary breast augmentation in women at least 22 years old or in breast reconstruction and breast implant revision.
  • Ideal Implant® is the latest brand of breast implants to arrive at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery. Ideal Implants offer the peace of mind of saline with the more realistic look and feel of silicone gel.

What size breast implants should I choose?

Ultimately, the patient decides the size of their breast implants according to what they are most comfortable with.

The sizing of breast implants also depends on the height and weight of the patient as well as the breast-base-width diameter, which is unique and incredibly important information for the surgeon.

The implant chosen should fit within the breasts’ original diameter to ensure the best quality of implants. Factors like these are why Dr. Wendel recommends a consultation with two or more experienced, board certified plastic surgeons to ensure the best results.

How much does a breast augmentation cost?

The cost of breast augmentation varies on procedure type, location, and surgeon. Realself provides data for average costs in the patient’s area.

For those seeking assistance, Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery accepts CareCredit, a financing program, that offers patients better access to health, beauty and wellness treatments by reducing the stress of affordability. Ask a friendly staff member about next steps or visit CareCredit’s website for more information.

How much pain can be expected?

Typically, pain after a breast augmentation is moderate and can be controlled with medication prescribed by your surgeon. Severe pain can hint at an infection and/or complication. Dr. Wendel schedules several post-operative appointments so that to check in with his patients and ensure they are healing properly and recovering well.

Will the implants affect my physical function?

It is unlikely that the patient will have long-term changes in their physical function after receiving breast implants. After the body is completely healed, lifting heavier objects will not affect the implants.

No matter which route is chosen when it comes to breast implants, it is important to do your due diligence and schedule consultations with reputable surgeons. For more questions answered by Dr. Wendel, visit the Realself Q + A page!

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery today!