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EXILIS ELITE named "Best Skin Tightener" for the fourth annual NewBeauty Beauty Choice Awards.


Exilis Elite Machine ImageExilis Elite Aesthetic System:  If you want a treatment for younger looking skin without the need for anesthesia or surgery, you may want to consider the latest advanced aesthetic device on the market for body contouring and wrinkle reduction. The EXILIS® Elite Aesthetic System reduces your wrinkles and tightens your skin quickly and painlessly. The monopolar radiofrequency device is one of the most powerful on the market and allows Dr. Wendel and his group to treat many different patient types including those who have not responded to similar treatment options.

Before using the EXILIS® Elite Aesthetic System, Dr. Wendel or one of his associates will evaluate your skin to get an idea of the amount of treatment you may need. Using the EXILIS® Elite Aesthetic System, Dr. Wendel’s associates guide the computer-controlled device over your treatment area. You may feel a warm sensation as the energy breaks through the layers of skin. The treatment uses heat without damaging skin. The heat causes fat to melt away and stimulates collagen production which tightens your skin.  By the end of the treatment process, you should have a measureable difference in your body measurements and your skin elasticity will have improved creating  a more youthful appearance.

EXILIS® Elite Aesthetic System for fat removal and skin tightening treatments are recommended and offered in packages of four treatments.

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EXILIS® Elite Aesthetic System

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